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Tel Aviv graffiti tour
Florentin neighborhood in the city of Tel Aviv is home for graffiti and street art in Israel. It has urban master pieces by leading Israeli street artists which have been there for many years, new pieces by up-n'-coming Israeli street artists and works by international street artists, who came to Florentin especially to contribute and participate in one of the most thriving street art scenes in the world. On the tour we will discuss the differences between graffiti and other types of art in the streets, get to know all the major Israeli street artists, receive the tools and basic terminology to understand street art and learn about the real cultural DNA of Tel Aviv. Tour duration is about an hour and a half and is held at the Florentin neighborhood.
Tel Aviv gallery tour
Tel Aviv offers a vibrant and colorful selection of art spaces and galleries, including long-time galleries in existence since the middle of the last century, new galleries founded in the last few years offering a fresh look at contemporary art, classic spaces in the style of the “White Cube” that convey elegance and wealth, and a variety of alternative spaces from rough lofts in the Southern part of the city to a small room that is a little hard to find, but to which those in the know make pilgrimages. Join us in visiting the various parts of the city to decipher the DNA of the Israeli art scene. 
Tour duration is about an hour and a half and it includes visits to three art galleries in Tel Aviv.
Haifa graffiti tour 
Haifa is a multi-cultural port city and Israel's "street art Florence". Home to the Famous Brokenfingaz Crew, the most known Israeli graffiti collective in the world, and to some other extraordinary artists, whom we'll get to know on this very special tour. Alternative Tel Aviv goes to Haifa, culture capital of northern Israel, to discover the roots of the biggest art movement of our time. On the tour we'll see amazing street art pieces by Haifa's masters, discover Hebrew and Arabic graffiti and get to know the city's boutique alternative-culture establishments, from which original local street art, music and fashion is manufactured and distributed worldwide. Tour duration is about an hour and a half and is held in the Hadar
neighborhood in Haifa. 
Jerusalem graffiti tour
The Mamilla neighborhood in Jerusalem's city center, located in a valley which connects east and west, between the Jaffa gate in the old city and the new city, developed into a fascinating graffiti and street art hub in the last couple of years. Alternative Tel Aviv is making a pilgrimage to Jerusalem to discover the holy city's wide, rich and diversified urban art field. How does the sanctity of Jerusalem influences its' street art? What differentiates Jerusalem's street art scene from those of other cities? Which street artists from Tel Aviv and Haifa made their mark in the holy city and who is the street art duo from Jerusalem, considered to be the hottest thing in Israel's urban art scene today?
Tour duration is about an hour and a half and revolves around the Mamilla neighborhood in Jerusalem's city center. 

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